Andrea Binazzi


He has carried out studies on taxonomy and bio-ecology of Homoptera Aphidoidea species feeding on trees (mainly fauna europaea). He has published a series of publications entitled “Contributions to the knowledge of the conifer aphid fauna” (28 issues: I, 1978 – XXVIII, 2000).
He has carried out researches on the pheromonal and kairomonal activity of the sex pheromone of the maritime pine bast scale, Matsucoccus feytaudi, from the Italian regions of Liguria and Tuscany (projects MIPAF, META, PHOCUS, from 1987 to 2005).
Starting from 1978 he has gone to make an aphidological collection containing species both from Europe and many other parts of the world (over 5000 slides).
He has described 26 aphid taxa new to science and cooperated with most of the world aphidologists.

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