Barbara Conti


Born in Vicopisano (Pisa) on 11 August 1956. She lived in Congo from 1966 to 1972 where she attended secondary schools and part of the high school. Scientific high school diploma (60/60) in 1975 in Pontedera (Pisa). Degree in Agricultural Sciences in 1980 (108/110) at the University of Pisa. She began the university career at the current Entomology section of DAFE (Pisa) in 1981 with an EEC contract followed by a CNR research grant (1982-1989). From 1990 to 2001 EP Technician and in 2001 she became Researcher. Since 2018 Associate professor.
Latest funded projects: PIF (2016-2018) Measure 16.2 “Innovative technologies for improving the performance of cereal crops” (Head of Unit); PRIN (2015-2020) “Biopesticides for sustainable insect pest control” (Head of Unit); PRIMA 2020-2023 “Fresh food sustainable packaging in the circular economy”. Call 2, Agro-Food Value Chain (Coordinator)
Scientific interests: a) Studies on abiotic factors affecting insects development; b) Studies on foodstuff pests and on parasites affecting human health; c) Studies on the taxonomy, biology and physiology of Tisanoptera; d) Studies on insects harmful to aromatic and medicinal plants; e) Studies on species of new introduction in Italy; f) Research on the insecticidal and repellent activity of natural substances.

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