Giuseppe Rotundo


He is Full Professor of Agricultural Entomology in the Department of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Molise (Campobasso – Italy) from1990 to 2014. Professor Emeritus from 31 May 2016.
He has held numerous institutional roles (Vice Rector with various proxies, Department Director, PhD Coordinator of research, Socrates Project Manager, President and Member of commissions and technical scientific committees).
The research is mainly directed to the study of intraspecific (insects) and interspecific (plant-insect; plant-insect-parasitoid) chemical communication (semiochemicals) for the development of new methods of control of harmful arthropods; for some years they have also aimed at identifying new active molecules of plant origin (bioinsecticides).
Research required the application of original extraction techniques, purification of active substances, evaluation of biological activity by electrophysiology (EAG, GC-EAD, SCR), behavioral (olfactometers, flight chamber) and toxicity (contact, inhalation and ingestion) bioassays and chemical (GC, GC-MS and microanalysis) and biochemical characterization (serological tests).
He has carried out research in various international centers and universities.
He received scientific recognition from the Filippo Silvestri foundation (University of Naples) for basic studies on insect pheromones and their application in pest control (1985).

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