Achille Casale


Married with one daughter, was born in Ivrea (Torino), Italy, on 06.01.1949.
Degree in Biological Sciences at the Torino University. Technical assistant by the Institute of Entomology of the Torino University, then curator of the Department of Entomology and Scientific Director of the Museum of Natural Sciences, Torino. Since 1990 to 2013, Full Professor of Zoology by the Sassari University (Sardinia, Italy). Director of the Department of Zoology and Evolutionary Genetics since 1993 to 2002. Teacher of Zoology, Animal Biology, Entomology and Nature Conservation.
Member or President of PhD commissions in Italy, Spain, Germany, and by the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris.
Retired since 2014, but still active. Member of the National Italian Academy of Entomology, of the Directive Council and legal responsible of the publications of the Italian Entomological Society, of the Scientific Committee for the Italian Fauna and editorial boards of several scientific journals.
A. C. dedicated most of his scientific activity to the following topics: 1. Taxonomy, biogeography, phylogeny, ecology of Coleoptera Carabidae and Leiodidae, Hymenoptera, Orthoptera and Lepidoptera; 2. Studies on extreme habitats (caves and high mountains); 3. Nature conservation. Author or co-author of about 300 contributions or monographs.
He attended or organised many national and international congresses, and performed entomological investigations in most European, African, Asian and American countries.

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