The Italian National Academy of Entomology, under the auspices of the MIPAAF, publishes monographic volumes containing the contributions presented and debated at the Round Tables with the aim of disseminating them in a targeted and effective manner. Special volumes and the Proceedings of National and International Congresses of Entomology are also published.

Round Tables

XLV – 2023
Culicides as vectors of infections of veterinary medical interest: from molecular biology to the development of control methodologies

XLIV – 2023
Chemical ecology in insect parasitoids

XLIII – 2022
Edible insects: from biology to applications

XLII – 2022
Biological pest control: managing multitrophic interactions for sustainable agriculture

XLI – 2021
Novel findings in arthropods functional morphology and anatomy

XL – 2021
An update on phlebotoms: biology, vector role, control strategies

XXXIX – 2020
Current issues in acarology

XXXVIII – 2020
Insect vectors of phytopathogens: mechanisms and ecology of transmission of viruses and bacteria

XXXVII – 2019
New technologies for the defence of foodstuffs

XXXVI – 2019
Adversity and beekeeping interest of eucalyptus in the Mediterranean environment

XXXV – 2019
Asian bug Haliomorpha halys: new acquisitions and applications in defence

XXXIV – 2018
Global extinctions and local extinctions

XXXIII – 2018
Genomic and molecular approaches for the control of invasive insect species of agricultural and sanitary interest

XXXII – 2018
Low and ultra-low temperatures for the creation of living collections of agroforestry interest

XXXI – 2017
Insect-plant interactions

XXX – 2017
Soil arthropods: diversity and biocenosis

XXIX – 2017
Integrated Crop Protection: recurring problems, solutions and new challenges

XXVIII – 2016
Bee diseases and new threats from alien insects for Italian beekeeping: Aethina Tumida e Vespa Velutina

XXVII – 2016
Recent acquisitions for the sustainable control of Bactrocera Oleae

XXVI – 2015
Insects: a sustainable resource for food

XXV – 2013
The red palm weevil: new findings and possibilities for population control

XXIV – 2013
Hive health and control of invasive mealybugs: the evolution of entomological research

XXIII – 2012
New plant protection strategies and resistance of insects and mites to pesticides

XXII – 2012
The contribution of research in controlling the tomato moth Tuta Absoluta (Meyrick)

XXI – 2011
Contributions of general entomology for new pest control strategies

XX – 2011
Product entomology for the prevention and control of pests in the food industry

XIX – 2010
Entomocecids: genesis, development, ecology, utility and infestations

XVIII – 2009
Biotechnology and new frontiers in the defence of forest ecosystems

XVII – 2008
Molecular genetics of insect development

XVI – 2007
Natural significance of insect biodiversity

XV – 2007
Evolution of the entomological landscape in agricultural and forest ecosystems

XIV – 2007
First experiences of mosquito generation

XIII – 2006
Insect-plant interactions: plant alarm signals and parasitoid responses

Special Volumes

First experiences about the generation of mosquitoes

2nd ed. 2013
Allergology and Dermatology Entomology

Academics and some forerunners

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Phylogeny and systematics of carabids

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