Certificate of incorporation


The year one thousand nine hundred and fifty (1950),
16 April, in Florence, Via Romana 15.

Ahead of me Dr. Lapo Lapi Notaro resident in Florence, enrolled on the Roll of the Combined Notarial Districts of Florence and Pistoia, not assisted by witnesses due to the agreement and consent of me to the waiver of the appearing parties, who have the legal requirements, are present Messrs:
GOIDANICH Prof. Athos del fu Giuseppe, born in Fiume, resident in Turin, Corso Ferraris 138 bis, Professor of Agricultural Entomology at the University of Turin.
GRANDI Prof. Guido del fu Giuseppe, born in Vigevano, domiciled in Bologna, Viale Aldini 176, Professor of Entomology at the University of Bologna.

GRANDORI Prof. Remo del fu Luigi, born in Viterbo, domiciled in Milan, via Celoria 2, Professor of Agricultural Entomology at the University of Milan.

MELIS Prof. Antonio del fu Raffaele, born in Ierzu (Nuoro), domiciled in Florence, via Don Bosco 4, Director of the Agricultural Entomology Station in Florence.

Relatives of whose personal identity and legal capacity I am certain, all Italian citizens.

The aforementioned presented themselves before me Notaro with the purpose of founding an Institution, to be named “Italian National Academy of Entomology“, whose aim is to increase and coordinate the study of Entomology, both from a purely scientific and applied point of view.

The comparators, considered:

that Insects (as well as related Arthropods) are the beings that, due to the enormous, species number and the exterminated number of individuals, the complex somatic constitution, the intricate complication of their life cycles, the mighty capacities of prolification and adaptation and the extraordinary instinctive faculties, constitute the most pre-eminent zoological group on our planet;

that they represent an inexhaustible field of study and research into the laws governing the life and death of living organisms;

that these beings have been able to spread almost everywhere on Earth and thus become our most formidable competitors, affecting the health of humans and domestic animals and the product of human labour;

and reputed That it is necessary to encourage continuous and fruitful contact between the leading scholars of the subject in the Nation (also bringing together Men, who, due to the modern structure of the State, cease to be part of its administration, without them having made use of the treasure of experience acquired in a long life of study and work), in order to increase and co-ordinate the study of Entomology in all aspects, not only within the Country, but also with similar institutions in other Nations;

The members resolve to establish, as they do, THE ITALIAN NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ENTOMOLOGY, with its seat in Florence, at the Agricultural Entomology Station, Via Romana, 15.

To this end, the appearing parties pay into my hands the sum of four thousand (4000) lire (and thus 1000 lire each) that will constitute the foundation capital, instructing me to deposit it with the Banco di Napoli in Florence.

The foundation is governed – in addition to the provisions of the Civil Code – by the articles of association, which, after being read and signed by the appearing parties and by me the Notary, are attached to this deed under letter A.

The costs of this deed and its consequences shall be borne by the foundation.

At my request, I, the Notary, received this deed, which was read out by me to the appearing parties, who approved it. Written by a person of my trust and in part by me Notary in pages 3 and portion of the next of a sheet stamped and signed by the appearing parties and me Notary in form of law.




LAPI Lapo, Notaro