Filippo Silvestri Memorial Award

The University of Naples Federico II, in collaboration with the Italian National Academy of Entomology and the Italian Entomological Society, has established an international scientific award in honour of the Italian entomologist Filippo Silvestri (1873-1949): Filippo Silvestri Memorial Award.
Filippo Silvestri was an extraordinary scientist of undoubted renown, internationally recognised as one of the founders of biological control and for his pioneering work on insect polyembryony. He carried out his academic work at the University of Naples Federico II, where he was Professor of Entomology at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in Portici, from 1904 to 1948.

Award Criteria

The ‘Filippo Silvestri Memorial Award’ will be given to a scientist who has achieved outstanding results in the field of biological control of harmful insects with research that reflects Filippo Silvestri’s approach to science, characterised by a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of natural insect antagonists and the sustainable use of the ecosystem services they provide.

Filippo Silvestri Memorial Award Winners

Year / Edition Winner’s name
2024 George E. Heimpel

Filippo Silvestri Memorial Award 2024
Napoli, 14 June 2024