Massimo Cristofaro


Born in Rome, on January 04,1955, leaving in Sacrofano (Rome), Degree in Biology (1980), he worked for 10 years (1982-1991) as Research Entomologist for the USDA-ARS Biological Control of Weeds Laboratory, Rome, on projects of Biological control of alien weeds by using co-evolved phytophagous specific organisms.
Since 1992 he is employed as Senior Research Entomologist at the Italian Agency ENEA C. R. Casaccia, Dept. SSPT-BIOAG-PROBIO, where is carrying out research activities associated to Biological and integrated control of insect pests and weeds. harmful in agricultural crops, in the environment and for the human health.
Since 2000 he is the Research Leader of the Foundation “Biotechnology and Biological Control Agency” (BBCA-onlus).
During the past 10 years he carried out research activities in the domain of biological and integrated control of weeds and pests, by developing formal co-operations with: USDA-ARS, CABI, IAEA, CDFA, FAO, and different National and International Universities and Research Centers.
Since October 2018, he is teaching Applied Entomology for the Masters Course of Eco-Biology, at the University La Sapienza of Rome.
Scientific interests: Classical Biological Control (weeds and pests); Bio-pesticides
SIT (Sterile Insect Technique); Semiochemicals and monitoring.

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