Giacinto Salvatore Germinara


Associate professor of General and Applied Entomology at the Department of the Sciences of Agriculture, Food and Environment (SAFE) of the University of Foggia, He graduated at the University of Naples “Federico II” (1993) and received a Ph.D. in “Protection of agro-food productions” at the University of Molise (1998). Visiting scientist at the Departemento de Ciencias y Recursos Agricolas y Forestales at the University of Cordoba (Spain) (2001).
His research interests are focused on the chemical communication in insects. By using different chemical (GC-MS), electrophysiological (EAG), chemo-biological (GC-EAD, GC-MS-EAD), and behavioural (olfactometer) techniques, he has identified various semiochemicals (sex pheromone, kairomones, allomones, synomones) of agricultural, stored-product and forestry pests. Field studies are also carried out to improve semiochemical blends, dispensers and traps for their practical application as indirect (monitoring) and direct (mating disruption, attract and kill) control means of pests. His research activity is documented by over 120 scientific articles and 4 patents. He is part of the editorial board of the scientific international journals Archives of Phytopatology and Plant Protection, Bulletin of Insectology, Redia, Entomologica. He collaborates with the SAG of Chile on the application of mating disruption to control the European grapevine moth. Currently, he is vice-president of the Italian Association for Plant Protection.

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