Santi Longo


Full professor of agricultural entomology, from 1990 to 2016, has halt the course of Biological and integrated control; Institutions of forest entomology and agriculture; Forest zoology and hydroculture; Beekeeping and bee production, in the University of Catania and Reggio Calabria. He is member of National Italian Entomology Academic, Georgofili’s Academy of Florence, Gioenia Academy of Catania and Zelanti and Dafnici’s Academy of Acireale. He was part of the College of the teacher of PhD in Phytosanitary Tecnologies. His research activity, documented by 540 scientific works, regards: apidologia, faunistic, biology, ecology and morphology of Rhynchota Coccoidea; applications of biological and integrated pest control in agricultural, urban and forest interest. He has been local coordinator of several research project (MURST 60 and 40%, MAF, CNR) and scientific responsible of conventions stipulated with public (Forest Special Office of the Sicilian Region, Agricultural Development Board, Etna Park) and private (Consortia, Associations of producers, etc.) agencies.

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