Lorenzo Marini



Prof. Marini graduated at the University of Padova in Forest Sciences in 2003 and hold a PhD in Environmental Agronomy. After several research experiences abroad, he has started his research group opening several PhDs and post-docs positions by attracting European (FP7, H2020), national and regional research funding. His teaching activity at the University of Padova focuses on applied entomology and ecology.

Prof. Marini has developed wide and diversified research interests in biodiversity and ecosystem services, global change biology, and invasion biology of insects. His overarching research aim is to understand the impact of multiple human-induced pressures on insect diversity and associated ecosystem services and to provide management solutions to mitigate their negative effects. Prof. Marini has used multiple approaches including manipulative experiments, observational studies, and macro-ecological analyses. He addresses pressing environmental questions in both agricultural and natural ecosystems using arthropods as model organisms. He works mainly in five research areas: 1) Conservation biocontrol and pollination; 2) Landscape and community ecology of pests, natural enemies and pollinators; 3) Insect species diversity and conservation; 4) Population dynamics of insect pests in forest ecosystems; 5) Invasion ecology of exotic pests.

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