Giorgio Nuzzaci


Place, birth date: Lecce (LE Italy), 21th June 1943
Education: Secondary School: Classical high school; University degree: Biological Sciences
Academic qualification: Full Professor Agricultural Entomology, Bari University, Italy
in “Aldo Moro University of Bari. Professor Emeritus.
Scientific interests, Research contributions:
General Entomology: (concerning: morphology, anatomy, histology, ultrastructure, physiology, behaviour, regarding: Diptera Trypetidae (Bactrocera oleae), Cecidomyiidae; Coleoptera Nitiludidae (Carpophilus mutilatus), Scolytidae (Hylesinus oleiperda); Lepidoptera Tortricidae (Lobesia (Polychrosis) botrana, Epichoristodes acerbella); Homoptera Coccoidea (Eulecanium corni, Saisetia oleae).
General Acarology: (concerning: Taxonomy, morphology, anatomy, histology, ultrastructure, physiology and behaviour): Acari Eriophyoidea numerous new species on crops (Olea europoea, Theobroma cacao) and other host plant (Pinus sp. Laurus nobilis), a new species (Aceria maleherbae) on Convolvulus is used for Biological control of weeds species in U.S.A. Morphological and anatomical studies are devoted to description of internal structures as mouth parts and their evolution in Eriophyoidea, Penthaleidae, Tetranychidae, Varroidae, Veigaiidae, Tenuipalpidae, Phytoseiidae and Prostigmata. Internal Anatomy and physiology (Eriopyid mites, Phytoseiidae). Fine morphology of chemosensilla (Prostigmata, Tarsonemidae, Phytoseiidae).
Membership National Academies:
– 1968-2007: Fellow of Italian Entomological Society
– 2088 to present: Ordinary-Emeritus Fellow of National Italian Academy of Entomology
– 2000 to present: Fellow of Olive and Oil National Academy.

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