Giuseppino Sabbatini Peverieri


Dr. Sabbatini Peverieri was graduated in Forestry Sciences in 1998 at the University of Florence, and in 2004 he obtained the title of D. in Ph. in Agricultural Microbial Biotechnology. Starting from 2009 he is researcher at CREA – Research Centre for Plant Protection and Certification located in Florence. Since the beginning of his career in the year 2000, he has been carrying out his scientific research activity in the field of phytosanitary protection against harmful insects and mites, and more recently, with special interests in invasive or quarantine insects and subject to mandatory control measures. The sectors of activity essentially focus on bio-ecology, population dynamics, insect monitoring and application of biological, biotechnical and integrated control, and development of rearing techniques, storage, transport and release of useful organisms in biological control, and non-target risk assessment. He is a member of scientific committees, technical worktables and chairman at national and international conferences, topic editor of the magazine “Insects” and editor of special issues of “Insects” and “Nature Conservation”. In addition, he is a reviewer of international scientific papers and published over 50 contributions indexed in WoS/Scopus, and a total of over 100 scientific and popular contributions.

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