Pasquale Trematerra


Born in Fossalto (Campobasso), he graduated in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Milano. He was associated professor at the University of Tuscia and at the University of Molise. From 2001 is full professor in General and applied entomology at the University of Molise. He has held numerous institutional roles as rector delegate, member of university board of directors, coordinator of PhD courses and Doctoral School in Plant production and protection. He serves as expert in national and international institutions.

He is editorial board member of: Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection; Bulletin of Entomological Research; Crop Protection; Frontiers in Chemical Ecology; Journal of Applied Entomology; Journal of Entomological and Acarological Research; Journal of Stored Products Research; Insects; Plants, Scientific Reports. He serves as reviewer for many other reputed international journals.

Research interest: biology and ecology of insect pests; application of new methods in the integrated pest management; stored product protection; faunistic and systematic of Lepidoptera Tortricidae.

He published more than 450 works, many on reputed international journals. He has numerous collaborations, is currently involved in national and international research projects.

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