Giuseppina Pellizzari


Graduate in Agricultural Sciences in 1973 at the University of Padua. Full professor of Entomology at the University of Padova, Department of Agronomy, Food, Natural resources, Animal and Environment. Lecturer of General and Applied Entomology, Acarology, Nematology, Zoology, Apiculture, Biological Control). Main topics of research: integrated pest management and biological control in the agroecosystems, pests of medicinal herbs and ornamentals, side effects of pesticides, alien insect pests. Specialist in Hemiptera Coccomorpha (systematics, taxonomy, morphology, biology, biogeography). Scientific responsible of national and international research projects. Peer Reviewer of national and international research projects and referee for national and international scientific journals. Co-Organizer of the Workshop “Effect of the possible global warming on the insect diversity and distribution” al XX International Congress of Entomology, Firenze, 1996; member of the Organizing Committee of IX International Symposium on Scale Insects Studies, Padova, 2001 and Editor of the Proceedings. Member of the International Advisory Committee for International Symposia on Scale insects studies since 2001. Member and expert of the European project DAISIE (Delivering Alien Invasive Species Inventory for Europe. 2008-2010). In 2016 honored with the ISSIS Lifetime Achievement Award for her studies on Hemiptera Coccomorpha. Scientific papers (alone or in collaboration): about 160, of which 90 on Hemiptera Coccomorpha; books: 4.

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